Brotherhood Brunch

“Speak Into My Destiny”

The Annual Brotherhood Brunch is an empowerment event that provides an opportunity for boys and men to come together to discuss how to be successful and productive members of their communities. This event is ideal for mentors/mentees, church youth groups and other community organizations.

The theme of the brunch is “Speak Into My Destiny” and the speaker discusses positive attributes of successful people and the importance of being productive members of society. Attendees are also encouraged to always “Dream BIG, Fly Far, Give Back and Achieve More.” The overall goal of the brunch is for the young men in attendance to leave charged and ready to tackle any problem or issue that may arise in their school, home or community life. All adults at the brunch are asked to speak into the destinies of the youth in attendance, by providing encouragement, hope and love.

The Brotherhood Brunch is held in June of each year.