Annual Camping Trip

Each summer Project M.A.L.E. takes the members on our annual camping trip, which is designed to provide new experiences while promoting growth and lifetime skills. With the majority of Project M.A.L.E. participants coming from the inner-city of Atlanta, Georgia, many of them have never witnessed or lived outside of the city limits. The intent of the trip is to promote improved communication, cooperation, social, problem solving and survival skills and increase physical activity.

  • Social Skills: The trip encourages campers to communicate and interact with others without using today‚Äôs technology and social media. Many of the participants grew up with these luxuries, so Project M.A.L.E wants to show them alternate ways of communicate.
  • Survival Skills: The trip encourages campers to survive in what may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. In doing so, Project M.A.L.E. hopes to build the confidence of campers, ultimately showing them that they can survive in unfamiliar environments.
  • Exercise: The trip encourages campers to become and remain physically fit through various physical obstacles. A trip usually consists of 3-5 miles of walking with survival gear.
  • Problem Solving Skills: The trip encourages campers to think outside the box in order to solve problems. Each camper is given the opportunity to lead the group in an activity.

The desired outcome of the annual camping trip is to ultimately further develop young men into leaders who can affect change in any environment.